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Entering characters not shown on Polyscope keyboard

In one of my programs a variable is being populated by a value that is returned from another device on the station. The value of the variable that is returned is ‘True\r\n’ or ‘False\r\n’.
I am then looking to perform actions through an If function based on that variable. The issue is that Polyscope keyboard does not have the “\” character. When I plug in a keyboard and press that key Polyscope displays “ ‘ “ character.
Is there a way to access addition characters or truncate the value in the variable to just look at the first letter (Either T or F).


You could use the str_sub() function.

Using that you could use index 0 and length of 1 and that would return either a T or F to the variable.

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I will give that a try this morning. Thanks for the suggestion.

This did the trick. It would still be nice to have access to the additional characters possible in the Polyscope keyboard. Will be a product improvement suggestion to UR for a future date.


The keyboard is mapped for danish (I think), you should be able to find the “ \ “ character after some digging/typing around as I’ve been able to find it in the past.