Keyboard for the text field in the Polyscope

When I press on a text field in PolyScope, no keyboard is displayed. For example, I want to enter a title as shown in the image below. Does anyone know how this can be done?

If you are using the starter package, it contains some example URCaps that use keyboards. I would recommend reading through their implementation to get a better idea of how to make keyboard API calls.

I hope this all helps!

The following links could be of some benefit for reference in developing swing objects:

Here is an example from the first link I provided:


	private Box createInputBox(final JTextField textField,
			final ContributionProvider<samplesProgramNodeContribution> provider) {
		Box box = Box.createHorizontalBox();

		textField.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
			public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {
				KeyboardTextInput keyboardInput = provider.get().getKeyboardForInput();, provider.get().getKeyBoardCallBack());


		return box;

	public void setINPUTtextField(String text) {


	private static final String INPUT_KEY = "input_key";
	private static final String INPUT_DEFAULT_VALUE = "not set";

	public KeyboardTextInput getKeyboardForInput() {

		KeyboardTextInput keyboard = keyboardInputFactory.createStringKeyboardInput();

		return keyboard;


	public KeyboardInputCallback<String> getKeyBoardCallBack() {
		return new KeyboardInputCallback<String>() {

			public void onOk(String value) {

				final String inputText = value;

				undoRedoManager.recordChanges(new UndoableChanges() {

					public void executeChanges() {

						model.set(INPUT_KEY, inputText);


				view.setINPUTtextField("Your input is: " + model.get(INPUT_KEY, INPUT_DEFAULT_VALUE));