Keyboard not visible in polyscope

Hi all,

I made a URCap using the ursim software. Now I’m trying to test the software on an actual UR but I am running into a problem. When I press on a textfield in PolyScope I am expecting the keyboard to show up so I can input a value but the keyboard doesn’t show up. Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

For example: When I press on the port to change this value. No keyboard shows up and I am not able to change anything. The ComboBox however does work fine.

Here’s an example of a double keyboard attached to a button:

You can get an instance of keyboardFactory through apiProvider.getUserInterfaceAPI().getUserInteraction(). I’ve just made a class containing all the different types so I don’t have to type it every time.

Here’s the getDoubleKeyboard() method:

You can do something similar just replace all the Doubles with Ints

Thank you, I have managed to solve my issue using the following implementation:

	public KeyboardTextInput getKeyboardTextInput() {
		return keyboardFactory.createStringKeyboardInput();
	public KeyboardInputCallback<String> getKeyboardTextInputCallback() {
		return new KeyboardInputCallback<String>() {
			public void onOk(String tosettext) {
				String field = getSelectedInputField();
				if(field.equals("IP")) {
				}else if(field.equals("PORT")) {
				}else if(field.equals("NAME")) {
				}else if(field.equals("ATYPE")) {
				}else if(field.equals("PMC_LOC")) {
				}else if(field.equals("BIT")) {
				}else if(field.equals("DTYPE")) {
				}else if(field.equals("PIN")) {

This allows me to handle multiple textfields on the same page.