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Edit existing feature


I am trying to build a URCap which changes a feature created in Polyscope by a User, inside an installation node. For this i get the Feature list from:


and write each feature name (FeaturePlane.getName()) in a list to be used by a dropdown menu.

When a user selects a feature plane i want to change the selected one. I tried doing that using:

featureContributionModel = apiProvider.getInstallationAPI().getFeatureContributionModel();
featureContributionModel.updateFeature(Feature_Key, newPose);

where the Feature_Key variable holds the name i got from the dropdown menu.

This results in an error: FeatureNotFoundException: No Feature found using Ebene_1 as key

if the name is not the correct key, how else can i get this key. There seems to be no funktion for getting a key through a feature contribution model.

is there a better way?