Waypoint Reference Position Access


I have developed a URCap that uses the UR Move And Waypoint Nodes to create Custom motions for a welding application.
I want to be able to use these custom motions with features the same way that the robot typically handles features.

As far as I can tell the Robot Saves the currently selected Feature position when the set button is pressed so that any translations can be applied in urscript with pose_trans() + pose_inv() functions something like so:
MoveJ( pose_trans (“featureName”,pose_trans(pose_inv(“featurePose”),target)…)

I haven’t found a way to access the Feature position set for the waypoint nodes in the SDK.
This means that if the feature is ever retaught only the UR waypoints created with reference to the position can be translated to a new position.

I know that I can get the current feature position like so.

root.traverse(new ProgramNodeVisitor() {
public void visit(MoveNode programNode, int index, int depth) {
try {
MoveLMoveNodeConfig moveNode = (MoveLMoveNodeConfig) programNode.getConfig();
MoveNodeFeature nodeFeature = (MoveNodeFeature) moveNode.getFeatureSelection();
Feature point = nodeFeature.getFeature();
if(point.getName().equals(“Base”)) {
featureSet = false;
} else {
featureSet = true;
featureName = point.getName();
featurePose = point.getPose().toString();
} catch (ClassCastException e) {
/*exception means move node has not been set to moveL
* this is either due to the program being from an older version of the cap or
* the user has changed the move Node setting.
* Feature modification is possible on an E series move J node but the api doesn’t
* provide access to the move J node feature because it would break Cap compatibility with a cb series.
featureSet = false;

Can a method to access the individual waypoints feature position please be included in order for Integrators to replicate the same functionality as the base system?

Thanks for any assistance.