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Correct file transfer Windows/teach with FTP


I am stucked with this, i think, basic problem.

I am using filezilla with FTP.

I would like to just simply transfer all my updated files developped on vm from windows to the robot.

I am using an installation file with a name different from “default”.

I copy all my files and directory into the robot but the variable file is impossible to update. (the previous erased file is always used even if the new file with the right variables exists on the robot "programs"directory).

Is just a CLEAN method exists to perform this “normally” very simple operation on this robot ?


The problem might be that the old variables file is still in memory for polyscope. Try loading a different installation into polyscope temporarily (temp.installation) and then copy your files over, then open the new installation.


Thank you for the answer, i’ll do this. Meanwhile, I’ve read the topic concerning the default.variables file.

It seems to be the same problem here.

Shouldn’t it be reported as a polyscope bug ?
In the end it appears that there is no direct way to simply load offline work on the robot.

Thank you

Is this an eseries robot or CB3 and which version of Polyscope?


It is an ur10e e-series polyscope version (may 19 2021).