Editing default.variables file?

Trying to get a better idea of how some of the file types are used.

Can I simply edit the .variables file and have the variables update within the system when it runs?

For example - say I’m creating a script to add to an existing program, which will require adding a number of variables.
Rather than have to enter these variables while the robot is sitting there not being used, can I do this offline by adding these variables to a copy of the .variables file, then save this file back onto the robot (or a renamed version plus a renamed copy of the installation file)?
I’m not sure if the system actually uses that variables file or just pushes it out for reference like the program.txt file that’s created whenever a .urp is saved.

We don’t have the simulator set up anywhere, so when doing anything other than writing scripts, we’re locked into having the robot available, not running parts.

Similarly, on a brand new setup, it seems like we could create most of the variables up front this way.

It reads from it, so yeah I think you should be able to just edit it and resave. The simulator is free and easy to setup though, so I would definitely look into using it. Can be handy for offline programming the shell of your program.