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Installation variables

Polyscope version

When I copy a saved default.installation and default.variables to the simulator and load the installation the variables are blanked.

Is this expected? How can I load installation variables from a *.variables file?

It seems that the problem was that I had the simulator running and tried to overwrite the default installation. This did not work.

when I shuted down the simulator, transferred files and started the simulator again the variables were populated as expected.

But how to do this on a live robot ? How can I kill the polyscope java application and keep it from restarting while I transfer the new default installation?

When you initially copy the installation/variables files rename then to something unique like default1.installation and default1.variables (using SaveAs). Then, after the copy into URsim, open default1.installation and do a saveas on the target URsim instance to ‘default’ installation.