Continuing the discussion from [Cognex URCap - SafetyA : C4A1 :Communication issue](

Continuing the discussion from Cognex URCap - SafetyA : C4A1 :Communication issue:

Cognex Technical Support were unable to point to any solutions and referred me back to Universal.

Continuing the discussion from Cognex URCap - SafetyA : C4A1 :Communication issue:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out, the error appears to be originating from the Universal Robotics software so we are unable to look up the error code we are receiving. I’ll include the documentation we have regarding the URCAP plug-in below.

Cognex URCAP Plug-In User Guide:

Robots and Motion Systems:…%7CWork%20with%20Robots%20and%20Motion%20Systems%7C_____0


Tyler Kelly

Cognex Technical Support

I just loaded the URCap on our CB3 UR3, and I do not get an error when running an unrelated program, but I do not have a Cognex camera, either.
But I don’t believe the error is in the controller. You could do a reinstall of PolyScope, and then it should definitely clear it up. It’s not too big of a job. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you should find someone else with a CB3 robot and a Cognex camera to test the same setup at.

Hello EFN,

I tried to re-install UR Software Version but the UR says that “This update is the installed version!”. Do I need to erase some file/s?


It’s a little more complicated than that, I’m afraid. You can find a tutorial here:

There is another way to get the camera to function with the Cobot without using the URCAP. If you would be interested in this, let me know!