Cognex Connection Issue

If our system powers down for any reason we have a communication issue with our Cognex camera. We are running the camera with the URCaps plugin. Maybe this is a question for Cognex, but figure I would try my luck here…

We typically run the system “Remote”. So then the operator has to jump back into Manual Mode > Installation > URCaps > Cognex > Refresh the connection. The connection is shown as Green, but as soon as the refresh is performed the system operates as normal without issue.

The error message before doing the refresh is the following;
XMLRPC: Failed with exception unable to transport XML to server and get XML.
response back. libcurl failed to execute the HTTP POST transaction, explaining:
Failed to connect to port 33004 Connection refused
Program node: CCX result —CameraPose
Program node type: Cognex Camera Pose
Error position: line 99
URcap: Cognex In-Sight Robot Guidance - Cognex Corporation

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah that’s probably going to be a question for Cognex. I’ve experienced several URCAPs that are not very good at handling loss of power/comms. Comes down to how they’ve written their CAP and how fault tolerant it is (or isn’t).