Installation File Wiped On Boot

Had a customer call saying their Installation file was cleared when they booted the robot. Lost all TCP data, payload, etc. As if it was a brand new Installation. After putting the information back in and saving, they power cycled the robot and again it lost the data. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

cb3? e-series? software version?

I would think that maybe they have a specific installation tied to the program that they are loading which is different from the one on startup possibly?

e-Series, 5.12, and no they only had the one Installation, “Default.” So it’d be the same one on boot that all their programs are tied to. They’ve also been using this for several months, so they know how it works.

If you check my post history we’d seen multiple instances of power loss leading to wiping of the installation variables. Hoping your issue is related and results in a solution to both.