Program Backup - Script Files

I have a CB3 controller that it is in production in a regulated industry, so any change to the robot program must be subject to strict change control and re-validation procedures.

I have modified only 1 robot position. That position is within a subprogram.

After the modification, I have taken a program backup using magic files.
As expected, the main program .urp, .txt and .script files all have new date & time stamps.

But, there are also many other .urp and .txt files for other subprograms that have a new date & time stamp also.

Why would these have changed? There was no change made to these subprograms. Are they re-created when the program is saved?

Is my understanding correct that only the .script files are used when the robot program is actually running?


Do you have the “keep sub program updated with this file” checkbox checked? If so, all subprograms used by your newly saved main program may have received new time and date stamps.

The controller stores 10 .old files that contain the 10 most recent saves of each program. I’m not sure if those files would be helpful in you industry to maintain equipment validation.