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Hi all,
I’m wondering if anyone has a UR cap that would allow us to write on our parts with a sharpie based on an installation string variable?
We have a UR doing machine tending for a lathe, and would like to mark the parts before they go to the next step of the process, and we thought of doing something like this since it’s not a customer facing mark.

Has anyone done this? Or have any idea of where to start for doing this?

Thank you!

Can you give a little more info?

How long is the String?
Is the string input a unique every time?
or is it a a variation on a theme with e.g. a code and a changing number for each part?

There are many possibilities depending on the complexity of the information you want to write on the part.

from teaching each character to following a Tool path generated from G code.

The string input will be unique every time, but should always be a 3 to 6 digit alpha-numeric code. (heat lot)
As well as potentially a 3 digit part number, since our jobs on this machine go up to 800 pcs.
I could quite easily generate some G-code for each digit, but I was wondering if anyone had seen a UR script for something like this.
ALso, how would I go about running G-code on the robot?

You can checkout the remote toolpath urcap: UR+ | Remote TCP & Toolpath URCap from Universal Robots

I can’t help you with a program but here is a free tool for your project:

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I don’t know of any URCap with that function, either. But the URCap “Remote TCP & Toolpath” (preinstalled on all URe robots today) can run g-code. So if you can turn your text into g-codes beforehand … :slight_smile:

Thank you all!
Looks like the Remote TCP & Toolpath URcap will be the solution for me. Now I just need to figure out how to get some free time on our only UR to test it out!