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Way to circumpass the IllegalStateException from RobotMovement.requestUserToMoveRobot


I am using the interface RobotMovement to call on the method requestUserToMoveRobot(Pose pose, RobotMovementCallback callback).

I want to open the Automove screen once the user presses the Play-button in Polyscope, so I have added a Java method in a class that is exposed to the URScript code through an XML-RPC server that calls on the RobotMovement interface.

My problem lies with the requestUserToMoveRobot-method, as it may throw an IllegalStateException if the URCap is not visible. I do not want to limit the user, such that they always have to make sure that the URCap is open in either the installation node or the program node once they press the Play-button in Polyscope.

Therefore, I was wondering if there is a way to automatically open the URCap once the user presses the play-button (if the URCap is not already visible)?

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Hi Maren,

I don’t think you have that option.

It sound like what you would like to add is a URScript implementation of the requestUserToMoveRobot. Is that a correct assumption?

Yes, that is correct.

The IllegalStateException is thrown also if the requestUserToMoveRobot method is executed inside a toolbar URCap. Is this an intended behaviour? If so, why? I want to be able to move the robot to a given position when necessary, but executing the movement only while a button is pressed, in order to prevent accidental collisions.