URSim Graphics Does Not Show Robot

Hi, I am using URSim to simulate a UR-5e robot, but I am not able to see the graphics for the robot. I am using a simulated robot, and I know that the code is working because I can see the the waypoints, and the path that is traced is the path that I expect.

I accidentally downloaded the simulator for the UR5/the previous version of polyscope, and I was able to visualize everything ok in that version.

I am new to URSim - this is my first program in the UR world, and so please let me know if the mistake is obvious, and I’d appreciate any support. I want to code something more complex, and I need to use the simulator to do so, but I can’t make much progress until I figure out how to view the robot.

Are you using Polyscope on a virtual machine?

I had a similar problem before using VirtualBox for the Ubuntu guest and I had to enable 3D acceleration for the robot to be correctly displayed.

If it’s a VM, you might need to give it more resources or change the settings for a better display.
I have it with VirtualBox and these are my settings:

Thank you.

Yes, I am using Polyscope on a virtual machine, and I am using VirtualBox.

I tried what both of you said, but I’m still not able to see the robot in the simulator.

I doubt this is related, but my screen does not automatically scale up, and I need to use xrandr to get it to resize, which is a solution I found from this help post URSim Window Sizing Issues - #8 by michaela.freed

Another thought - are there any display requirements for my laptop? The rest of the Polyscope window visualizes correctly, just not the robot, so I doubt that’d be it, but I’m really not sure what it could be…

These are the settings I have after playing around with them

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

The scaling up might actually be related, I think that means that you have not correctly installed the Guest Additions.

The Guest Additions do a lot of magic for Virtual Machines so it MAY fix your problem.

Give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thank you for your help! It turns out that it wasn’t a settings issue, I was just making a very silly mistake. I didn’t understand that the “power” button at the bottom needs to be “power on”, and that it is different from the “simulation” button on the right hand side of the screen. Anyways, with the “power on”, everything works as expected.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: