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URCaps samples not working

Hi there,

I tried to run a few of the examples in the URCaps SDK and failed.
After I successfully setup everything, I build an example and put it on a UR5 simulator.
First I tried helloworld-swing.
After installing the example I did not see any changes in the installation screen and when I went back to the URCaps menu I saw a yellow warning sign without any additional information.
After this did not work I tried again with the mytoolbar example and on other simulated robots in the vm, but with the same problems.

Any idea what I do wrong? Or how to debug this? I did not change any code yet.

URCaps SDK version: 1.3.55 and polyscope version:

Swing is only available on Polyscope 3.6 and 5.0

Oh my bad, thank you!