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Lightup URcap doesn't work in the controller

Hi everyone,

I followed the getting started articles related to the creation of the Lighup URCap. When I deploy this one on my Ursim virtual machine it works perfectly but as soon as I try to deploy it on the real teach pendant it doesn’t work. It seems there is a licensing problem. I’m using a USB to install it on the pendant. I’m attaching some photos of my problem.

Note: If I deploy a pre-designed example (Hello World Swing) on the pendant it works well.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, that’s probably not the problem. That messages is generated from the license file that is pointed to in the POM. There’s probably some other error . .

I got it, but what could be the problem. I don’t understand why I still have the exclamation mark behind my lighup urcap even after I reboot the system.

Having had this issue in the past, I would put money on your phsyical robot being on an older version of polyscope than that of the simulator. I even made a forum post about this problem first time i had it..

Each release of Polyscope comes with its own version of the URCap API, and if you try and use a URCap that was build on a version of the API that is newer than the matching version of polyscope, you’ll find you run into this error. You can find which version if the API your URCap is built on by checking the dependencies tab of your eclipse project’s .pom

Thanks @sam.hilton for your help. As soon as I updated the version of Polyscope from 5.4.1 to 5.9,1 the problem disappeared. My URCap was developed under SDK 1.11 and polyscope 5.4.1 was not able to handle SDK 1.11.

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Glad to hear thats fixed the issue :slight_smile: