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URCap deployment working on URSim but not on the real robot

I am developing a URCap and deploying it successfully to the URSim. However, when I deploy to a connected UR5e, the URCap doesn’t appear in the corresponding programmed node, and a yellow warning appears in the Active URCaps area, without getting more information. What can be the problem?
Other URCaps as the Daemon Swing, uploads properly.
Polyscope 5.4 and SDK 1.9.0.

Hi jaume,
This is because the version for Polyscope you are using is too low for the version of the SDK which the URCap was built with. You will need to upgrade your Polyscope version to match at least the version of the SDK that was used to build your URCap.

Whilst URCaps are mostly forwards compatible, they are not backwards compatible with older versions of Polyscope. The version of Polyscope which was released alongside SDK 1.9.0 was 5.6, so upgrade your robot to version 5.6, and your URCap should work just fine.

I suspect that if you have downloaded SDK 1.9, you will be using URSim version 5.6, and thus will have no problems deploying your URCap there.

Hi Sam,

Yes, I am using the URSim 5.6. Ok, I will upgrade the Polyscope to match the versions. Thank you for your support!

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