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URCaps load failure

I built the SDK example file “Hello World Swing” and can install it in on a UR5 v5.0.3 simulated robot and it works fine. I then copied the “Hello World Swing” package in Eclipse. After I change the file names, I can build it into another URcap snapshot file without problems (mvn reports “Build Success”). When I load it onto the UR5 simulated robot; after rebooting the URcaps shows a yellow exclamation point next to the file. Launching the simulator from the terminal shows this error:

“ERROR: [Thread-3] 10:27:44 30/08/18 ContributionBinding.startURCapBundles(line:58): Did not start URCap because it uses core packages:”

A search of this form or the internet does not provide me with any help in knowing what core packages are being referenced.

You should update your POM-file to the new package names.
I.e. if you changes the package name or URCap gruop ID to “com.myCompany.foo”, then you should find the group ID instances in the POM file and change these accordingly from “com.ur.urcap” from the sample, to the new namespace.