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URCap API Expression Builder

I’m building a URCap in which I have a program node. This program node creates a child node consistent of an assignment node. In this assignment I create an expression using the ExpressionBuilder that looks similar to “test.helloworld()” (please note the dot between the “test” and the “helloworld()” method call, however the expression validator will not accept that I programatically create an assignment with a dot inside it. However from polyscope it is (obviously) allowed from user input. Could you please update the validator to allow dots inside Expressions?

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Hi @nily

Thank you for you feedback. I see the issue and will report it. For the meantime I will suggest you make a workaround where you add the following URScrip to you preamble

def test_helloworld():
  return test.helloworld()

and then create an expression with the function.


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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: right now I’m just relying on the user to change ‘+’ to ‘.’ but might change it to your solution at a later point.

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