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Feature Request: Call a KeyboardInput for expressions

(Following this discussion : Is there a way to create KeyboardInput for expressions?)

It would be quite useful to have the possibility to call this Expression Keyboard :

when an user is clicking inside a textField (or any other editable field).

This could be used to call a function from a different URCap inside another URCap input field, or to select easily a variable, an input, output,…


Thank you for raising this feature request!
If other developers find this feature desirable, please like the original post, or even better, elaborate your use case below.


:+1::+1: for this feature!

We would very much appreciate this feature. We have a usecase where the user experience mockup requires such a boolean condition editor. So +1.

We are interested by this feature too :+1:

I also hope to call expression keyboard.
If this function is added, it is very useful because I create program node for setting/getting value of gp-register on ethernet/ip.

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Hi, I also think this feature would be helpful, I work around it by using variables and suggesting to the user that they have an assignment statement before my node, but it would be great for that to be part of the sdk.

Thank you, love the api and urcap extensions!!!

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We also have a use case for this as we need for a robot programmer to input an expression as abort criteria based on variables calculated during an operation our custom node executes, and digital IO, as well as time passed and distance traveled.

I am afraid though we will also have to work around this shortcoming because of time constraints.

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We would also deeply appreciate this functionality.

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