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Is there a way to create KeyboardInput for expressions?


A number of nodes provide the ability to input an expression (e.g. the ‘Loop’ node has a ‘Loop when expression is true’ - when you click on it, a UI similar to that of KeyboardNumberInput or KeyboardTextInput appears, containing specific controls for building expressions from variables, operators etc.). Does the SDK provide a way to instantiate this expression-building UI in a 3rd-party URCap?

Also, is there a way to evaluate variables and/or expressions in a URCap? The closest thing I could find is in the ScriptWriter, but it doesn’t seem to provide any direct access to evaluation (on the java side). Is that right?


There is no “Expression Keyboard” at the moment (SDK 1.4).

If I understood correctly, this topic is talking about this keyboard type

If so, is it planned to be added to a new release of the SDK?

Do I need to make a formal feature request?

I would like to recommend creating a feature request for this functionality in the Feature Request category.
This will make the purpose more clear, and other developers may find they have this need as well.