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UR10 Controller_USB-CB3.1-3.15.4-build10.6.291 gets stuck on boot screen

Dear all,

I recently upgraded our UR10 to the latest Polyscope version for use with a Robotiq force sensor.

Since the upgrade, it has become impossible to install URCaps (so far, I’ve only tried 2 from Robotiq). Upon reboot after URCap installation, the teach panel gets stuck on the boot screen at 100%. After that, the only remedy seems to be to flash a new OS on the CF card, but this causes the same issue (robot-specific files copied according to manual).

Once, I also had the issue after flashing the OS. This problem seems to have gone away by not copying ur-serial and flightreports to the CF card.

Am I missing something here?

OS image: Controller_USB-CB3.1-3.15.4-build10.6.291.img
Robot model: CB3UR10

The only odd thing that I was able to see was this entry in /var/log/boot.log:
fail: /etc/service/urcontrol: runsv not running



Update: I hadn’t looked into /var/log/critical. This file shows the entry

localhost runit: URControl stopped with exit code: -1

popping up every two seconds around 40 times.

Update2: OK, I obviously flashed a CB3.1 OS onto a CB3.0 controller…
However, flashing the correct OS did not resolve my issue.

I updated the title accordingly.

Solution: This seems to be a compatibility issue. The options I have from Robotiq don’t support CB3.0.