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TOOL IO Control


I think there may be a bug with the way the tool io control request handles saved installations. This happens with the example URCap provided, called tooliocontrolswing as well as with my own URCap.

Once you load a saved installation, when you select the URCap in the Tool I/O tab, it properly calls the callback, onControlGranted, however, it seems to do so on a saved instanced of the ToolIOController and not the one that is now the current one from the installation node constructor.

Therefore, when you load a saved installation and assign control to that URCap, the URCap has control return false and you can not get rid of the error warning in the installation node.

Again, this is happening with the provided example. if there’s something wrong there, please let me know how to fix it so that I may properly use this on my own urcap.

Steps to Reproduce the problem:

  1. Install tooliocontrolswing urcap
  2. Load a saved installation
  3. Try to assign control to the toolIO urcap
  4. The installation page will still show the message to assign control even though that is selected

Thanks. . . .

Hi, has anyone else been able to reproduce this bug, I would love to know if other people are having this issue . . thanks

Hi @jorge ,

I am able to reproduce. The issue is that Polyscope is calling the callback from the first instance created.

To make it work probably you can declare the “controllableInstance” as static in the example.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I was able to get it to work by making the class static and final and changing the way I initialize it.