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This URCAP has an Invalid Manifest - on Polyscope 5.11.1

I downloaded and installed the Polyscope 5.11.1 and the SDK 1.13.0 on a Linux machine.
It run all smoothly, but whenever I try to run an URCAP on the Polyscope I get this message
"This Urcap has an invalid manifest file(‘META-INF/MANIFEST.MF’)."

It happens in either situations:

  • If I compile the Hello World program(the only modificaiton was to edit the ursim.home to my local folder).
  • If I create a new program musing the SDK.
  • If I get an already working URCAP and install it.

In other words it does not work at all.

Does anybody has anny hel…I attached here here my HelloWorld folder with the pom and the target generated.

com.ur.urcap.examples.helloworldswing.zip (92.7 KB)

Hi @tulio,

I was able to reproduce it by deploying it with Maven, after a restart of Polyscope it disappeared. If I delete the symbolic link in the ursim- (that is created after the restart) the issue is triggered again. Can you give some insight if that link is created? It might be related to a permission issue.