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Teach Mode / Freedrive Malfunction with incorrect payload

I connected a computer to UR robot through TCP/IP with C# program, and sent script commands to the robot to perform all kinds of movements. Everything worked fine except “Teach Mode”. Once I sent in script teach_mode(), all joins/wrists started quickly raising up (quite scary). It behaved the same when press down the “Fee Mode” in Teach Pendant. It came back to normal after power cycle and not connecting to my program. I have to disable the “Teach Mode” function in my program side for now. Any suggestion out there? Thank you!

Check your payload settings. If this setting (mass and CoG) differ to the actual connected mass at the tool could lead to this behaviour (although big differences should be recognised by the robot).
Do you call set_payload(m,CoG) with wrong values from within your C# program?

For further assistance, your distributor should be able to help you with these basics.

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Thank you for your input! I do use set_payload(m,CoG) to set the payload. I will double check the values.
I believed that the UR3 that I have was from internal of my company, Teradyne. So, I am not sure which distributor should I talk to.

You are right. The paylaod was set about 1.2 lbs higher then the tool. I increased the payload to push the tool (a probe in this case) down, but forgot to reset it back to the tool weight. Thank you again!