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Is there a "real" teach mode?

From the descriptions in the manual (and testing), it seems that the freedrive_mode() command and teach_mode() command do the same thing - put the robot in freedrive until the end command for either is run.

I want to be able to use the move screen to drive the robot around in the middle of a program and then get position information. I want to use the move features with respect to the TCP so that I can keep good level positions during the moves. Free drive allows for too much movement that could induce rotations or tilts that I don’t want.

I would have expected the teach command to allow for use of the move screen and the freedrive command to put it in freedrive.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hey mchollett,

Regarding the second portion of your question, concerning wanting to move the robot in “freedrive” while maintaining constraints on the rotation/tilting of the tcp, I recently attended a training where we used a Robotiq force sensor. The URCap that was used in conjunction with the force sensor allowed for exactly what you’re requesting.

You could select from several different constraint modes, one of which allowed you to freedrive the robot, but the robot would be prevented from rolling/pitching (only allowing for x,y,z, and rotation of the TCP).

Check out the software/video on this page: http://robotiq.com/products/robotics-force-torque-sensor/

You may want to request a demo.