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Teach_mode() & freedrive () or something else

Our customer want to use UR to pick and place a some parts. One of the jobs is put a piece inside the press machine and take it out somewhere.
Is it possible somehow to put robot in a “soft servo” mode, so we no need to drop a part before press? Atm our idea is use teach_mode or freedrive_mode but we are not sure if is it a safe way. I mean if its good for motors to go teach mode every cycle ( 12s ).
Maybe u have some another ideas?

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Depending on the recoil generated from the press…
I believe the best approach would be to release the part in a jig, press it, and locate it again afterwards to pick it up.
E.g. using force mode or a sensor to re-locate the part.

Alternatively, the option by putting the robot into freedrive mode programatically, would also be a possible option.