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Change Freedrive resistance

Is there any way to change the resistance of the UR10e when it is in freedrive? We are developing an application for a user to collect point data using the UR TCP, and the arm is a bit difficult to move when in freedrive. Is there anyway to programmatically reduce the resistance when the robot is in freedrive?

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It’ may be the payload (and/or COG).

If you hold the freedrive button down does the robot move by itself without you touching it? If it doesn’t move, can you nudge it easily up or down?

If it falls down the payload is set too light.

If it lifts up the payload is set too heavy.

I believe the payload is set correctly. I don’t have an exact weight for the end of arm tool, but I’d guess it’s about a pound or less and the payload is set to 0.7kg.

Try this: (post must be 20 chars long :sigh:)

I changed the payload to 0 and although the resistance is more than we’d like, it is better and the arm does not drift on it’s own while in freedrive.

There should be a wizard in the installation tab for setting up the Payload and CoG.
Have you tried using that to set it up?

I have also this problem. so anny better solution than given below is welkom

short term solution i use right now. set the cobot in the least restricted mode so it can be moved aroud faster (otherwise in resticted mode it would get a warning/fault that the force was to big and shut down the system :see_no_evil:)

one thing that would came to my mind is to set the safty to least restricted > chanche it manualy to the restricted settings, and when moving in freedrive mode set the system in reduced mode (wich is the opposit of reduced mode :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) to use the better version of freedrive mode.

above solution ain’t good for longterm tho so it is on my wish list to also solve this.

Ideally, at least in my experience, setting the payload so it doesn’t drift but is easier to nudge up than it is down will make it as light as possible for freedrive.

If you haven’t already, maybe setting up your UR to use Freedrive with both hands might help make it easier to move around (as opposed to only using one hand because the other is holding the Freedrive button.)

This was a fricken game changer for me. I can push a button on the I/O page and the robot goes into Freedrive until I push the button again.

Need to have your Payload and COG dialed in well enough so it doesn’t drift when in Freedrive but sounds like you’re already there.

Using Robotiq force co-pilot is a much smoother experience in my opinion. you can just activate active-drive and it will allow you to move like in freedrive but much smoother. there is a cost for it but it adds quite a bit of functionality to the robot and is well worth it in my opinion.

Did you find a way to have toggle functionality for freedrive using everything provided with the stock polyscope UI? I know you can wire an external button to an input.

We achieved this with a toggle button on our UI.

EDIT: Ah I just saw this post: