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TCP selection in Move Nodes

In our use case the robot has a welding torch mounted on the UR Tool Flange. Through an UR Cap some MoveNodes are added to the Robot Program without any User Interaction. But the TCP has to be selected afterwards manually in each MoveNode otherwise the flange TCP is used automatically and the robot moves to completely wrong positons.

A possibility for choosing one of the TCPs in the Java Programming code of the UR Cap would be very good. Just the same like the Feature can be choosen (Base/Tool).

Thank you :slight_smile:

i posted a feature request about this problem some months ago and it seems UR solved this by selecting “use active TCP” as default action when creating URCaps Waypoint nodes. All you need to do is using the newest SDK 1.3.55 and PolyScope 3.6 + :slight_smile:

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Thank yo for your help! I will try that.