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[IMPLEMENTED Get TCP configuration from Installation Node in a Program Node

I would like to create a dropdownlist in my customized program node user interface just like in move program node, which can get the configuration from Installation Node.
Is it also possible to get this “set waypoint” button?

I’ve checked the package of urcap but have not found an interface…
Could anyone please help?

As you have correctly observed, this is not possible in the current release of the API (1.3).
I have moved this topic to the Feature Requests category.

You are very welcome to elaborate the use case, which will help strengthen the feature request.
Other developers with the same requirement are invited to elaborate on their use cases as well.

Thank you very much for your reply!

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This feature is now possible since the release of PolyScope 3.8 / 5.2 and SDK 1.5.0.