Add child to MoveNode


The URcap that I have made uses none of the Universal Robot own nodes in creating a path. This introduces a problem that the program does not start with the “Move Robot into Position” page which is required to become URPlus certified.
The solution is to add a generic Universal Robot move node at the start of my program that changes according to the program.

Only the solution has a flaw. If a TCP that extends the reach of the robot is used to set a point that would have been out of reach of the robot I get an
“Inverse kinematics failed, no solution found” Error even though the point is easily reached and moved to, using my own nodes.
The error comes from adding the waypoint to an existing moveJ using the method addChild(ProgramNode programNode).

Picture illustration
The black circle represents the reach of the robot without TCP.
The green circle represents the reach of the robot with TCP
Outside of the black circle the error popup

What I am thinking is that the TCP is not set up properly or something, please help.

Best Simon

Good morning Simon,

We are encountering a similar problem with one of our urcaps, is there any chance you have found already the solution to this issue? We have tried several things, but nothing works so far.

Thanks you