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Switch to remote control

Hello everybody,
I have an external software controlling the UR e-series sending commands through the c++ driver. This works flawlessy if I put the robot manually in remote control and using only my software.

Anyway, I am trying to develop a URCAP program node for using my software with Polyscope.

So basically the node should:

  • open remote control (to make the external software able to control the robot with the driver)
  • send string (the task to perform) via socket to my program
  • wait until my program sends back the “finished” signal
  • close the remote control and go on with the flow

My questions are:

  • Is it possible to switch between modes in some way? (e.g. opening a certain port is the same as switching to remote control)
  • Are there any other options to achieve what I want?

So far I have being able to use sockets for sending stuff to my program but I had no chance to test whether I can somehow switch to remote control in ursim.

Thank you

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it is not possible to switch between remote and local control mode automatically. This action has to be performed from the teach pendant. Switching between these two states without the approval of the user of the robot could lead to dangerous situations, as no automated arm movement would be expected.

Also sending Script Commands over the socket connection while a program is already running, will stop the program and then only execute the sent script commando.

A possible solution would be using XML-RPCs inserted by the program node in script for retrieving the data from your external program. Then you can have a this information stored in a script variable and used it in a movel() command (or similar).