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Socket communication with external device

I am trying to control ferrobotics acf-xs over tcp/ip socket communication using ur script in ur5e-series robot with polyscope software version 5.8. The polyscope program always says the connection timeout as shown in attached picture

I made another sample program with python to communicated with the device in certain ip and port of the device to a pc and this works though.

I was wondering what is the problem when the same operation is being performed through ur5e robot. I tried to run the script program in local mode. Does ur5e restrict all type of communication in local mode? I have enabled remote control mode in system settings. The urscript code and python code can be viewed in the attachment.
sample program.pdf (197.4 KB)

Thank you in advance for help.


to answer your question about communications in local mode- On e-Series, you need to explicitly be in “remote control” mode to enable robot control over external interfaces.
By default the robot is on “local control”, which enable programming and motion by the Teach Pendant.