Strange Behavior After Emergency Button Press

Hi Everybody,

I’ll start by saying I’m a new user.

I’m working with a UR5e , equipped with a camera on it. The camera is pretty heavy and the calculated payload is close to the limit.

I’m sending through a socket 3 positions (looks like “p[0,0,0,0,0,0]”). The last position I’ve sent almost ended in a crash, so I pressed the Emergency push button.
From that moment, although the values of the - Payload, TCP, Center of Gravity - didn’t change, when I press the manually-move little black button, the robot is moving up like something has changed in the configurations.

  • This movement didn’t occure after I configured the Payload, TCP, Center of Gravity, and I could pressed the manually-move little black button and the robot was waiting there, soft as butter.
  • I’m moving the robot in a small area, without stretching the joints, and without challenging the robot (for now at least).
  • Because the payload is close to limit, I’m moving the robot slowly.
  • For the second question:
    I’ve put the robot in some position in the area, and pinned that point as a “movej” target. Then from the “Run” screen I thicked the “show waypoints” so I could understand for which measuring units of the points, the robot is expecting Found out its Meters, after trying to send points in mm, as all the user interfaces are.) The only axis that was different between the waypoint pinned in mm, to the waypoint in Meter from the “Run” screen, was Z axis. one of them was a negative value (the pinned point), and one of them was a positive value(Run screen). I’ve attached a snip.

So after telling you all that, I have two questions.

  1. Is the robot behavior after emergency stop, as described, is normal?
  2. Why the difference between the two showing methods of the same point?


  1. Are you saying that just after pressing the e-stop, then pressing the FreeDrive button, the arm starts to fall?
    What about after rebooting the control?
    I’ve rarely used the e-stop, so I don’t remember what the behavior might have been, but If it works correctly after a reboot, then I would assume the control drops the TCP and/or Payload info on an e-stop.

  2. The robot works in meters and radians, but displays values on the Move page in mm. It’s a choice someone made at some point. Although it causes some confusion, there are probably fewer mistakes made by working in mm on the Move page than if it were meters.

Thank you very much for replying.

  1. Exactly. Rebooting doesn’t work either.
    In my case, while pressing the FreeDrive button the arm goes up and back to base direction as if it has really heavy payload on it.
    Really strange that a user should configure payload each time it presses e-sop button.

Anyway, thanks for replying.

It sounds like your system isn’t saving the desired TCP/Payload as the default - have you checked your Payload page to make sure it has the correct one?

Yes I did. The only thing that helps was configuring the Payload again with the four positions.
It does look like the Payload is loosing it’s value after e-stop.

I wonder if others had the same issue.