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Polyscope freezes when the robot enters emergency stop during movement


I am developing a URCap to interact with a tool and I follow the official guide.

I have noticed a malfunction that occurs when the robot, in motion, goes into emergency mode. Specifically, the keys no longer respond to commands if one of the following action is done:

  1. The user interacts with the interface, e.g. moving a slider,
  2. The user press play in the program to move the robot.

The same behavior does not occur if the robot is NOT moving and the emergency stop button is pressed.

Does anyone have faced this issue before? Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance,

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I noticed that when the robot exits emergency mode, there is a pause icon at the bottom of the teach pendant. This icon goes away in the cases I described in the previous post.

Is it possible that in this mode the buttons do not work for some reason?

Thank you for your attention,