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URscript doesn't restart after protective/emergency stop


I have a problem with sending a URscript to my robot via a TCPsocket after an emergency or protective stop. For example, if I send my program via netcat to socket 30003 from my laptop, it works fine. But, if I try to send my URscript after an emergency stop or protective stop occured (and after I cleared the message on the teach pendant), it doesn’t work the first time. I have to send the URscript a second time to make it work…

Is that a normal behavior? Is there a way to clear that state after the e-stop where my script won’t start? Or is the only solution to send my script twice?

Thanks for the help,

Hello @e.roberge.er,

I can verify if I get the same behavior on my end. Meanwhile have you tried using the Dashboard commands to clear the root state? This may be a possible work around to the issue, depending on the setup you are choosing to run.

Take a look at the Dashboard server article here (E-Series) : https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/how-to/ur-how-tos/dashboard-server-e-series-port-29999-42728/

(CB Series): https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/how-to/ur-how-tos/dashboard-server-cb-series-port-29999-15690/

You can use these commands to read in state/clear state. You can also use the Dashboard Server to power the robot back on after a safety restart.


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