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Steps to execute URScript within the ProgramNode

Hallo everyone ,

I’m trying to program a URCap button that allows me to move my robot directly for a position after pressing on it without going through a Tree program.

so if I had good understood : I must do as below :

  1. send my program to a socket the secondary for example (open the socket) and check if it works well
  2. create a Stream for Data
  3. Send my URScript(create Script)
  4. close the Socket

thank you in advance

can anyone help me to understand the operation better?

Hi there, @karkerwassim1988

I have just made a new sample here, that I reckon is just what you are asking.

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thank you very much this would be so helpful

is it possible to run the URScript directly without going through the program node?
what I mean if it is Possible when I press on my Button (the URCap that I had already created) to get the desired move without gointg through a node(I press on my URCap then the Robot moves to the desired position)

thank you in advance