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Move the Robot / Use URScript without Program node Layout / Polyscope

Hello everybody,

can anyone answer my question?!!

is it possible to run the URScript directly without going through the program node (Program node’s layout)?

what I mean if it is Possible when I press on my Button (the URCap that I had already created) to get the desired move without going through a layout’s node (I press on my URCap then the Robot moves to the desired position)

thank you in advance
with best regards

In general, I would not recommend that the robot should move automatically, just by selecting a node e.g. by inserting it in a program tree or selecting the node in a tree.
Chances are, that 80 % of the users hammers the E-stop, since this is not what they would expect from anywhere else in PolyScope.
I would recommend, that it happens after pushing a button in your URCap, as this will be a deliberate action, where the user expects the robot to start moving.

so you mean that is realizable but it is not safe and can damage the robot?

I believe it is realizable, it just depends on where you call the method to move the robot.

But it is not what the user would expect of the robot, when working with PolyScope.
There are no other places in PolyScope, where the robot will just move automatically, and not a result of a deliberate action from the user.

aha ok I got it !!!
thank you very much.

hey :slight_smile:
about the place where my Program will be called to move the Robot !!
I tryed to call it after establishing a connexion with the secondary Socket and then creating a dataStream but that did not work even with trying to get a simple Popup Message.
am I doing something wrong maybe?
what is the role of the “Script writer”?

thank you in advance.

with best regards