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Move my UR10 by just clicking on my URCap

Hello everyone,
as I mentioned in my last posts I am new in Java and Caps …, what I want to do is:
to create a URCap that allows me to move my Robot for a determined Position without going through the Program Tree (Program Node) in "other way when I click on my URCap the Robot move directly to the Position that I have already in my Script written " .
I did some researchs and what I understood is:
-first of all I should create a connexion with a socket in wich I will send my Script.
-second I create a Stream for Data to decrypt my Program
-then I send my Program
-and at the End I close the Socket
is what I understood correct or I missunderstood something

I really need your help guys
thanks for your tips

with best regards

for that I modified the HelloWorld Program as bellow
but I have always an Error:

HelloworldProgamNodeContribution is not abstract and does not override abstract method generateScript(ScriptWriter) in ProgramNode Contribution

I would like to point your attention towards this sample.
This moves the robot to some position, when the movement command is executed.
In this respect, there is nothing added to the generated script, but merely upon button push, the robot moves.
In your URCap project, you could start by importing the “clientSendScript” class and use the methods here, to interact with the functional code of your URCap Contribution.

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