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I has a question. Before I used the CB serie. To start the robot I used the build in function in the IO list to give the robot a start and stop command.

Now I bought a E-Serie robot, the stop functionality is still working but the start isn’t. I need to press the start button on the teachpendant to start the program, I also get the message to start from the beginning, maybe this is causing the problem.

For my application I need always start the robot from the program beginning. Is there a possibility to disable this function?

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Edwin Peeters

in respect to the single point of control restriction, defined in the ISO 10218 Standard, the e-Series robot can only be started/programmed from one point, which means you have to set the robot in remote Access Mode to use a DI to start a robot program.

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Hello Edwin,

As Michael said this functionality is due to an ISO Standard that the e-Series complies with. You can look in the User Manual under section “16 Installation Tab” subsection “16.1.4 I/O Setup” (if you’re looking at the latest manual) which discusses the I/O actions. The “Start” portion says this function “is only enabled in Remote Control (see 21.4.5)” meaning in order for this to work the Teach Pendant would need to be in Remote Control mode. If you go to 21.4.5 it walks you through setting this up.

The robot always needs to start somewhere. A home position or starting waypoint, that’s why you’re getting the “Start the Robot from the Beginning” message. You can use a Relative Waypoint or Variable Waypoint as the first waypoint in your program to get around this but understand that doing so means the robot will immediately move to the next waypoint in the program. This includes potentially trying to move through any equipment in the path between where it is and the next waypoint.