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Controlling eSeries robot remotely while in local mode

A bit in regard to this , we are having issues completely figuring out which limitations remote/local control modes implies, and how to make the URCap experience as smooth as possible given these.
If the robot is in local mode, it prohibits receiving and executing remote script commands (e.g. move commands) from outside the network, but if the robot is in remote mode the user looses access to our URCap interface. We have a URCap which communicates with a backend running on an external server, sending the appropriate move commands to the robot controller when a button is pushed in our URCap. This does not seem to be possible on the eSeries as far as we understand, given the limitations of remote/local mode, as either a) the user doesn’t have access to the URCap and thereby the button, or b) the controller doesn’t allow remote commands.
Is there a way around this problem, as we would like to control the robot remotely, while still using our URCap to do this?
Would it be possible to remove the limitation of not being able to control the robot locally, while being in the remote control mode?


The built-in interfaces in the robot (client interfaces, dashboard, etc.) are restricted from receiving control commands from non-localhost clients in Local Control Mode.
Commands received from a localhost clients are generally accepted in Local and Remote mode.

If a URCap in this way bypasses a distinct local/remote control mode split, it is the responsibility of the integrator to ensure that the robot still complies with ISO 10218-1.

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Thanks a lot, that clarifies what we needed.