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Speedbar goes to 10% randomly after stops

I have a system (I didn’t program) where after a stop, door open, or similar, the speedbar goes to 10%

It sometimes moves manually, sometimes it takes quite a bit of time. I.E. if you slide the speedbar, it immediately goes back to 10%

The robot is enclosed, so the settings are 100% unlimited if the doors are closed. If the doors are opened, the robot stopps.

We’re running a UR5E, running 5.11.0. I didn’t see any relevant fixes in 5.11.1. I don’t see any code setting the speedbar.

If this is a programmed setting that I’m missing, please let me know. Has anyone else experienced this?

Wow that sounds frustrating. As far as I know, besides the speed being set externally by RTDE, the robot code can change the speed slider using an undocumented command. Here’s a function posted by @mbush:

def runSlow(speed):
  socket_send_string("set speed")

Do you see anything like that in the code anywhere? Maybe in a script block? Is there a PLC in the system somewhere?

Nope, nothing like that. All of the scripts are ones I recognized. It’s in an enclosed cell, it does a safeguard stop of the doors are opened.

So occasionally when the operators open the door, adjust something, and close the door to resume, it drops to 10% and they operator doesn’t realize it.

I can say the only time I’ve seen anything like that an external system was dropping the speed. We have a customer that one of their other internal integrators does that, anytime you violate safety the speed slider goes to 10 or 20 percent. In all the robots we’ve done with safeguard stops I’ve never encountered that.

Hope you’re able to find the issue.