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Speed Slider in the running menu

When the robot runs, sometimes I want to slow down the robot. We have to stop the robot, go to the programming menu and start the program from beginning. It would be very useful for us.

If you go to the installation tab, you can swipe your finger from left to right across the word “Features” all the way across the screen, This should open up an additional menu on the left side of the screen at the top called settings. In here you can choose to show the speed slider on the run screen of the robot which will allow you or the operators to slow it down when needed.

Thanks Mbush, this is the feature that I need, but I don’t understand why I have to swipe over the complete screen? Why not UR display this menu every time?

That is a question I am not suited to answer. I know in older versions it used to display many more options, don’t recall what they were as that was 3+ years ago. My guess is they want to keep some settings so that only expert users know how to get there.

Ok, maybe in the future there is a option menu where I can set this parameter.

Is there an instruction what parameters I can use?