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No Limit on RTDE Speed Slider

Software version : 5.11.1
Robot generation : UR10e (10 kg, October 2020)

Steps to reproduce : Enable speed_slider_mask via RTDE, set the speed_slider_fraction to any value outside of 0-100% range

Expected behavior : Robot should limit speed slider to 0-100%, even when masked.

Actual behavior : When speed_slider_mask is enabled, robot sets its speed slider to any value you input, between -2.147 billion and 2.147 billion percent (32-bit signed integer limit).

The robot seems to attempt to run the joints at whatever speed the slider is set, even if the speed is set above 100%. End-user attempted this at 110% speed, reported that the robot ran until faulting out due to the robot violating its safe speed limit. I have not verified at anything above 110% for fear of joint failure, but I would assume the robot will attempt to run the joints at any speed it gets set to.