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Some reunited feature requests

Dear UR R&D team:

I have put together some feature request over the last months of development. My requests would be as follows:

  • Allow multi-selection in program tree, for edit commands (copy, paste, cut, etc)
  • Add standard keyboard shorcuts for program tree and alphanumeric edit functions (copy, paste, cut, etc): Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, etc.
  • Accept ‘Enter’ key as ‘OK’ button and ‘Esc’ key as ‘Cancel’ button
  • Allow to explore and interact with FULL program tree.
  • Allow multi-level (nested) sub program calls.
  • Include funcions for output signasl: set down/up once (momentarily) on program stop
  • Include funcions to link input-output when program is stopped: DO3 = DI1, etc.
  • Allow a special thread/code/script to run when program is stopped.
  • Allow a special thread/code/script to run after program stops: ‘after stop’, opposite as ‘before start’.
  • Real robot main GUI terminal screen (ctrl+alt+F9) shows only the last 1 or 2 pages of this terminal.
    Make it fully scrollable to help debugging, among other things.
  • Real robot main GUI terminal screen (ctrl+alt+F9) (and the rest of terminals ctrl+alt+F1 through F5)
    are not properly accessible via VNC. I can change from GUI to a terminal once, and then it gets stucked
    there. I don’t know if is in UR’s hands to change this, but it would help speed up some developments
    and debuggins.

I also agree with and support these similar posts:


i agree with that:

this should also be accessible through URScript, maybe a system-reserved function name than can be overridden like the python-built-ins e.g. ‘__exit__()’


I agree with a lot of your feature request !