Feature request: Windows GUI application for robot program

To UR+ Development Support

I use a Linux offline simulator when creating robot programs, but I think that having a GUI application that runs on Windows would further increase the efficiency of application development.

In fact, I have tried to produce program software “URStudio” on Windows for the CB series. Files are loaded and edited from the actual robot via SSH protocol. After editing, you can save the file directly to the real robot. I think this software will be very useful to improve efficiency, because you can visually edit by color-coding the node types, and you can copy-paste multiple nodes at once.

We would very much like you to consider developing a GUI application for Windows.


Hi @fujikit, it is a very good question, we already have an UR+ product available to facilitate Windows based application, as far as i experienced every end-user may possess unique requirement on the UI layout, UI features, therefore providing a standardized toolkit to access the cobot functionality is not a bad choice :wink:
FYI the below product link.
UR+ | NONEAD nURHelper for UR SDK for Universal Robot (universal-robots.com)