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getParent feature request

Hi @jbm

On the Waypoint node there’s a button to add a waypoint before/after, but with the API that’s not possible for URCap nodes.
In the URCapApi there’s an option to get a child node, add a child item before/after that, but there’s no option to get a parent element or add before/after itself.


It would be usefull also to know the node before and after a contribution node.
For example, the MoveL node know if it is follow by another Move node because it can adjust its blend radius according to following Move node. With the URCap API, contribution node doesn’t has such possibility.


Has there been any more thought on this feature request? This and a listener for child added are the two main things I wish I had when working with the Tree structure.

It doesn’t seem that anything like this has been added to the API yet so I would also like to second this.

As for the child listener, I have added a feature request for it as I couldn’t find an existing thread for it when searching: Add an Event to ProgramNodes that is called when children are added to allow setting default configration / Add config inheritance