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[IMPLEMENTED] New Programming Menu

Hi, I find to program the robot ist a little bit laborious with the actual design of the GUI. When I program the Robot I make the Program tree bigger to see the program code better.

It have to switch often between the command and structure window. And in the Structure Window between Basic and Advanced.

It help me a lot when all buttons of Basic and Advanced are in one window.

It were very cool when I can use the Edit Buttons from the Structure window in the command window too.

For learning programming is the actual GUI great, maybe I can choose a another GUI in the settings.

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Don’t know if this can help you but, I’m working on a Python code libery, that enables you to make python (3.x) code that control the robot.
If you make big programs, this can be beneficial.
The Python program need to be executed somewhere, I have it running at a separate PC connected to the UR controller via Ethernet. But you could in principle also have it running in the UR controller, thou I have not tried this. (And don’t know how this will impact the warranty)


This feature request is now considered implemented!
Check out the release of PolyScope 5.0.