Program files are not saving on the USB

Hello there,

I’m trying to copy program files on an imaged USB but after successfully saving the files, they don’t actually get saved. (every time I re-plug the usb and the files I pasted in it don’t show up).

I appreciate your time looking into this!

Try this:

Program Backups Using Magic Files

You will need an empty USB stick (8gb will probably work) following the instructions at bottom of the link. Depending on how many programs you have saved on the UR (if you have a lot it will take some time) this script will pull all programs, installations, variable and script files from the robot to a folder on the USB stick.

Warning: the !USB! notification will disappear from the pendant after some time HOWEVER this does not mean the saving operation is complete WAIT until you see the <-USB to remove it.

After I was able to paste the magic file in the root folder, I plugged the USB in the controller but there was no signs of !USB! appear on the screen. my usb size is 32GB.

Have you checked in the UR controller that the Magic Files option is enabled?

If it is enabled and still does not work, you can try this:

  1. Plug an empty USB without the magic file script.
  2. Connect to the robot with a computer with Linux.
  3. Open a terminal.
  4. Connect to the robot and navigate to the usb disk directory:
cd /media/urmountpoint_MimTgU
  1. Copy-paste and run the script of the magic file one by one and see where and why it fails.